Our Team

Paul Tobben, P.E., President – Paul Tobben has over 21 years of experience in the design and evaluation of structures within the petrochemical industry. Paul has managed Payne-Huber Engineering, Inc. since 2006. Paul’s engineering experience includes decades of work in the evaluation of industrial structures including: steel frame structures, reinforced concrete foundations, horizontal and vertical pressurized vessels, piping systems subject to thermal expansion, and many others. Paul is a licensed engineer in the states of Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Kansas, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Jeff Seager, P.E., Vice President – Jeff has over 14 years of experience in the design and evaluation of structures within the petrochemical industry. Jeff’s design experiences include the design of industrial equipment foundations, structural steel design, the design of a multi-story industrial building, industrial piping support foundation design, and many more. Jeff also has a storied background in structural evaluation and analysis, having performed such tasks as the analysis of air-cooled exchanger structures for the petrochemical industry, establishing design criteria for wind and seismic loading cases, and supervision of the preparation of construction drawings. Jeff is a licensed engineer in the states of Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennslyvania, Washington, West Virginia, and Ohio.

David Long, P.E. – David has over 23 years of experience in the building and engineering field, with 17 of years of direct experience in structural engineering. David has past project experience with the design of pre-engineered metal buildings, steel pipe racks, equipment support and access structures, foundations for steel structures, pumps, exchangers, and many other structural engineering applications within the oil, gas, and chemical industry. David is a licensed engineer in Colorado, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Richard Taulman, P.E. – Richard has worked as a structural engineer for the past 11 years. Richard has past project experience working in the industrial heating industry for downstream services within the oil and gas industry. Richard’s engineering experience includes performing duties such as structural calculations and analysis, CAD design, drafting, and checking. Richard also has a wealth of experience in the areas of sales engineering, estimation, and project management. Richard is a licensed engineer in the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Elmer Huber, P.E. - Elmer has been with Payne-Huber for over 25 years and has decades of experience within this industry. Elmer's career includes tenures within both the oil and gas industry and the structural engineering industry itself. Elmer has a wealth of experience designing structures throughout the world such as offshore drilling platforms, facilities for developing oil and gas fields, waste heat recovery systems, and numerous other structures related to the oil and gas industry. Elmer is licensed as an engineer in the state of Oklahoma.